Publishing Achievements

The Michael Sedgwick Trust has assisted the production of a variety of publications including:


Archie Frazer-Nash - engineer by Trevor Tarring and Mark Joseland
Armstrong Siddeley – The Postwar Cars, by Robert Penn-Bradly
Armstrong Siddeley Motors, by Bill Smith
Automobiles Voisin, by Pascal Courteault (English translation by Peter Hull)
Ave Atque Vale, by Dave Cox
A Zest for Life – The Story of Alexander Keiller, by Lynda J Murray
Bert Hadley – son of Birmingham by Geoff Roe
Britain’s Motor Industry – The First 100 Years, editor Nick Georgano
British Car Factories from 1896, by Paul Collins and Michael Stratton
Cars of the 1920s, by Nick Baldwin
Freddie Dixon – The man with a heart of a lion by David Mason.
High Speed Diary: Reggie Tongue, by Eric Dymock
History of the Alpine Trial, by Martin Pfundner
HRG – The Sportsman’s Ideal, by Ian Dussek
HRG – The Sportsman’s Ideal, by Ian Dussek. 2nd Edition, completely revised and updated.
Lanchester Volume One, by C S Clark
Malvernia – The History of the Santler Car, by D Sutton
Morgan International Adventure” by John C Clarke
MG Y-Type, by John Lawson
Number Plates, by Dave Moss
Out in Front: The Leslie Ballamy Story, by Tony Russell
Panhard- the flat-twin cars 1945- 1967 and their origins" by David Beare
Petroleum Collectables, by Mike Berry
Proprietary Engines for Vehicles, by Nick Baldwin
Rippon Bros a coachbuilder of Renown" by Jonathan Wood
Road Signs, by Stuart Hands
Russian Limousines 1930 - 2000, by Maurice Kelly
Russian Motor Vehicles – The Czarist period 1784 to 1917 by Maurice A. Kelly.
South Harting Hill Climb, by Graham Orme-Bannister
Sunbeam, by Bruce Dowell
Sunbeam - Talbot and Alpine in detail, by Anders Clausager
The House of Gwynne, by Ken Good
The Singer Story, by Kevin Atkinson
The Rise of Jaguar Cars, by Barrie Price
The Humber Story 1868-1932, by A B Demaus and J C Tarring
The Bean, by Jonathan Wood
The Model Y Ford, by Sam Roberts
The Book of the Standard Motor Company, by Graham Robson
The Story of Hampton Cars, by Trevor G Picken
The Stink-wheel Saga. Episode 2. (cyclemotors) by David Beare and Philippa Wheeler.
The English Motor T Ford – A Century of the Model T in Britain by Martin Riley,
  Bruce Lilleker, Neil Tuckett.
The Three - Wheelers Almanac, by J C Graham
Vauxhall Cars 1903-1918, by Nic Portway
Vauxhall 30-98, The Finest of Sporting Cars, by Nic Portway
William Beardmore – Transport is the Thing, by Ken Hurst



Michael Sedgwick Memorial Trust, motoring, automobiles, motorcars, cars, research, history, publishing, books, UK
Michael Sedgwick Memorial Trust, motoring, automobiles, motorcars, cars, research, history, publishing, books, UK